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magazine concept

DiS+PLAY (Display) is an arts and culture magazine that highlights black creators in any discipline. Music, film, writing, photography, fashion, fine arts, dance, skateboarding, architecture - anything by black creatives, for black creatives. 

This project was inspired by magazines and websites like XXL, Complex, UPROXX and VICE. These platforms often do put the spotlight on black creatives, which is great, but in general, black artists are often pigeonholed into the "Urban" category (whatever that means) and I wanted DiS+PLAY to exist outside of that box..

DiS+PLAY means to discover and play, as in discovering music and art and sharing it with your friends and the world around you.


The wordmark combines two typefaces to create contrast while still remaining unified. The actual structure of the wordmark also allows it to be used as a design element as well as a vehicle for puns.

"Discover, play, repeat." is the tagline/call to action. DiS+PLAY is all about finding and sharing what you love with the people you care about, so readers are encouraged to do the same.

MAGAZINE LAYOUT w big pic.png

Discovery is a key component of the brand's identity, so I chose Giveon, an R&B singer and songwriter, to be this issue's (DiS+)cover story. At the time, he was still relatively unknown to mainstream audiences so it was a perfect fit.


Today, Giveon is a household name to R&B fans, and while this may not be a byproduct of being featured in DiS+PLAY, that is the kind of impact I'd want this magazine to have for any artist that we work with.

Design: Me
Direction: Also me
Photography: Aidan Cullen
Interview: Kristin Corry (VICE)

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