modular typeface

Swoops is a modular typeface named after a shape that I call a "swoop" (see slide 3).

The design was inspired by leaves (green!). I wanted to build a bridge between organic and geometric shapes and leaves felt like a good place to start.

Above all, I wanted my typeface to be simple, so I limited myself to 4 (technically 5) modules to act as building blocks for each character. Along the way, I felt that my designs were a bit too simple, so I started to focus on the negative space created by the shapes as opposed to the shapes themselves, and so, Swoops was born.

Swoops was almost called “Ellie Yay Eff Y”. If you were to say the name out loud, it would sound like you were spelling the word “leafy”. I thought it was funny. The joke didn’t stick, but the colour did.

Design: Me
Abstract Shape Naming: See above